Gym Leader - Brock
Trainer Type Gym Leader
Badge Boulder Badge
Difficulty Easy
Pokemon Type Rock
Pokemon lineup Geodude lvl 12
Onix lvl 14
Total Experience ---
Level Range 12 to 14
Recommended Level 16 to 20
Gym Leader - Brock - Lineup

Brock's Pokemon lineup

Brock is the first Gym Leader you should incounter on you Pokemon Crater Adventure. He uses rock type Pokemon so it is recommended that you bring ether water or grass type Pokemon to battle him with.

Brock appears in the Pokemon anime series as an aspiring Pokemon Breeder and the former leader of the Pewter City Gym. In the manga and games Brock is the powerful leader of the Pewter City Gym and for those who have chosen a fire type as their starter within the original games, he is an almost impossible first hurdle.
You can also use ghost pokemon for the first two gym leaders-misty only uses normal attacks.

Brock's Pokemon

Geodude 14 Level

Attacks: Selfdestruct

Onix 14 Level

Attacks: Rock Throw


  • Anime Brock seems to fall instantly in love with any pretty girl his age or older that he encounters. Ironically the one girl he doesn't instantly fall in love with ends up falling in love with him.
  • Within the arena if you challenge Brock to a three on three battle you will really end up with a two on three battle as Brock only owns Geodude and Onix. This meakes for an easy win even if you use a slightly disadvantaged team.

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