The Credit Shop

The Credit Shop is a place where you can purchase extra content and rare Pokemon to use within the game.

Credits are earned by donating to the site or on your first login on the day. Using your credits you can purchase different maps and Pokemon.

Trade Credits For Maps

Elemental maps contain all basic Pokemon whose primary type corresponds to the map title. For example bug type Pokemon such as Caterpie and Wurmple are found on the Bug Map, while water type Pokemon like Poliwag and Marill are found on the Water Map.

Legendary Pokemon are also found on these maps, however they are quite hard to find.

Maps range between 5 and 20 credits.

Map Name Cost
Bug Type Map 5 Credits
Ground Type Map 10 Credits
Normal Type Map 10 Credits
Rock Type Map 10 Credits
Grass Type Map 15 Credits
Water Type Map 15 Credits
Ice Type Map 20 Credits
Electric Type Map 15 Credits
Cloud Map 20 Credits
Psychic 20 Credits

Trade Credits For Pokemon

Credits can also be used to purchase single Pokemon if you do not wish to find it on one of the maps.

Most basic Pokemon, including starters from the video games, can be bought ranging from 5 to 20 credits.

Legendary Pokemon can also be bought here, with costs ranging from 50 to 100 credits.

List of Pokemon


  • The Credit Shop used to be called Spend my Credits and only had the different Elemental Maps availailable for purchase