This is the first page that is displayed after a trainer logs in on Pokemon Crater. It has a link with the Pokemon Center, all the maps unlocked by the trainer and some more informations

Pokemon Center

Main article: Pokemon Center

This is the only page that has a direct access to the Pokemon Center.


Main article: List of Maps

All the unlockable maps that have been unlocked by the trainer are displayed here so that they can be accessed. The Elemental Maps that a trainer has bought from his credits are displayed.

Credits and Pokemoney

The current amount of credits and pokemoney that the trainer has is displayed. roun 4

Where to start? Menu

  • It links with the picture upload page on PBA.
  • It links to the global chatroom.
  • It links to the messaging page.
  • It links to the Trainer's Account page.
  • It links to the Trainer's House.

PBA Forum

It is subtitled as Message Board. It is the direct link to the official PBA Forum at