Golden Scizor
Golden Scizor
National Dex 212
Type Bug, Steel
Evolves from None
Evolves to None
Method or lvl ---
Generation Generation II
To obtain
Map None
Others Trade
Base Stats
HP ---
ATK ---
DEF ---
SPD ---
Default Attack ---
Naturally Learned ---
Golden Scizor was a limited editon Pokemon available during the second week of November in 2009. The Pokemon cannot be captured or purchased within the game, however it may be traded (confirmation needed).

In order to obtain the Golden Scizor one was required to make a donation for credits for the Pokemon Crater - Battle Arena in order to recieve it as a gift in their Pokemon PC (confirmation needed).

It is not known if this Pokemon has any advantages over a Normal Scizor or if it is unique only in its unusual colour.