There are currently 65 maps, 41 are maps that you can find just by clicking on "jump to route ??"(the ?? mean whatever route it says) in the game. 11 are called elemental maps, and can only be obtainable if you spend credits. There are 13 "Special Maps" that can be unlocked by defeating certain Pokemon Trainers in Conquest -> Battle Trainers.

Each map has a set list of Pokemon that can be found when exploring. Some Pokemon are harder to find than others, and their general rarity can be found on their individual pages on this wiki.

If you discover a new map, or a Pokemon not listed on that map's wiki page, please add it in.

All the maps that are currently available in Pokemon Crater are listed in this page.

Unlockable Maps(free)

Elemental Maps (costs credits)

Special Maps (Unlocked by defeating Gym Leaders)