046 Paras Forms
Paras's Forms

Normal; Shiny; Dark; Metal; Ghost

National Dex #046
Type Bug Type
Grass Type
Evolves from ---
Evolves to Parasect
Method or lvl Level 24
Generation Generation I
To obtain
Map Bug Map
Grass Map
Route 1
Others Trade
Base Stats
HP 35
ATK 70
DEF 55
SPD 25
Default Attack ---
Naturally Learned ---


Evolution Chain
Paras --> Parasect
Bug Moves Super Effective Against
Psychic Type; Grass Type; Dark Type
Bug Moves Least Effective Against
Fighting Type; Fire Type; Ghost Type; Poison Type; Steel Type; Flying Type
Grass Moves Super Effective Against
Rock Type; Water Type
Grass Moves Least Effective Against
Poison Type; Steel Type; Grass Type; Flying Type; Dragon Type; Fire Type; Bug Type
Paras is Weak Against
Fire Type+; Flying Type+; Ice Type; Poison Type;
Types marked with '+' mean double weakness
Other Details
Paras's bug/grass type makes it more vunerable to fire type moves than a normal bug or grass pokemon so should you find yourself facing down a fire user with this pokemon switch out faced or risk getting crispy fried Paras for dessert.