Pokemon Center
Pokemon Center
Menu Location Explore
Actions Available Heal Pokemon
Swap Pokemon from Party to PC
Swap Pokemon from PC to Party
Visit Spend My Credits page
The Pokemon Center is a place within the Pokemon Crater - Battle Arena where a trainer can heal his or her Pokemon quickly and easily. It is accessed from the Explore section of the Menu Bar and from a 'click here' link after a victorious battle against a trainer. If all of your pokemon are knocked out or fainted than you will be automatically brought to the Pokemon Center page and required to heal you pokemon before you may recommence your usual activities.

For those wanting to use it there is a 'click here' link in the Pokemon Center that leads to the Spend My Credits page where one may buy various maps and Pokemon in exchange for credits earned once daily through logins or as often as you like through donations.

Heal Your Pokemon

To heal your Pokemon simply click the grey 'Heal My Pokemon' button in the middle of the screen and wait for the page to reload. A large bolded message should appear below the images of you Pokemon saying Your Pokemon Have been successfully healed. DO NOT navigate away from the pokemon center before this message has appeared as your pokemon may not have been healed. For safety's sake I always do it twice but that's just me.

Pokemon Swap

Another thing you may do in the Pokemon Center is organise the Pokemon within your party by using the PC (personal computer) interface at the bottom of the page to swap Pokemon from your Party into the PC or from your PC to your party in order to assemble the ideal pokemon team. Simply select the pokemon or slots that you want to swap over and click on the grey 'Swap' button between the two menus. This may be done as many times as you like.