Route 6
The Route 6 Map
Map Type Unlockable Map
Access from Route 5
Access to None
Pokemon Appearences
Type All
Level Range 3 to 7

Route 6 is a small, dead-end path to the north of Route 5. It resembles an 'L' shape rotated 180 degrees, with trees taking up the majority of the map. There is a small maze consisting of rocks and bushes to solve to get to the grass patches at the top. Interestingly enough, there are no pools of water on this map despite Carvanha, one of the available water Pokémon, being unable to survive long without water to swim in.

There is a reasonable variety of Pokémon types here including Fire, Water, Grass, Fighting and Electric type Pokémon.

Pokémon in the area

  1. 001 Bulbasaur (Rare)
  2. 004 Charmander (Rare)
  3. 007 Squirtle (Rare)
  4. 387 Turtwig (rare)
  5. 390 Cimchar (rare)
  6. 393 Piplup (rare)
  7. 239 Elekid (Rare)
  8. 401 Kriketot (rare)
  9. 403 Shinx (rare)
  10. 318 Carvanha (Uncommon)
  11. 408 Cranidos (Uncommon/rare)
  12. 307 Meditite (Common)
  13. 322 Numel (Common)
  14. 309 Electrike (common)